Professional Development Events


ACE offers a number of opportunities for growth for community college faculty, staff and administrators.



  • Experiential Learning Institute (FELI)
    The FELI is a 5-day institute that draws on core ACE curriculum around communication, working styles and leadership techniques. Participants have the opportunity to learn new skills, renew themselves professionally and get a taste of ACE. The FELI is also the entry point for anyone interested in becoming an ACE instructor.
  • ACE Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
    The Executive Leadership Institute series is designed for college presidents and high-level administrators. These events focus on helping the leadership team assess and evaluate the implementation of a project, and through this analysis begin to understand the cultural changes necessary to successfully improve the performance of the leadership team and the college. The workshops help begin a process which fosters culture change within the organization and improve the quality of relationships required at all levels of the college for successful implementation of change.

Community of Practice (CoP)

  • The Community of Practice (CoP) is a day-long gathering that provides the ACE community a place to connect and exchange ideas. Participation is a great way to contribute to the program as well as stay abreast of the latest innovations.



  • Communication Workshop (PD 1)
    This workshop is a two-day intensive focused on teaching work teams effective techniques to improve their communication.
  • Strengths & Styles Workshop (PD 2)
    This workshop is a two-day intensive that allows members of a work team to discover their working styles with the goal of improving team outcomes and morale.

Specifically for instructors:

  • Behavior System Integration Workshop
    This workshop explains the principles of the ACE behavior system and how it is effectively implemented, as well as how to integrate courses and coordinate assignments for a more successful semester.
  • Social Justice Research Course (SJRC) Workshop
    In this workshop, an SJRC Master Mentor will explain the curriculum and give participants techniques for successfully guiding students through a primary research project.
  • Team Self Management (TSM) Course Workshop
    In this workshop, a TSM Master Mentor will lead participants through the curriculum and provide insights into the pedagogy through personal experiences.

Mentoring Sessions for Instructors




For Current ACE Faculty