Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) Practicum


The FELI Practicum gives instructors the tools and techniques for successfully teaching the ACE FELI, and is led by a FELI Master Mentor.

The FELI Practicum begins with a short orientation that gives an overview of the FELI curriculum.

The remainder of the FELI Practicum occurs simultaneously with a live FELI. Participants attend the entire FELI, observing and assisting the Master Mentor. Participants may be asked to lead some exercises to better understand how to teach the unique pedagogy. After the FELI participants have left for the day, Practicum participants meet with the Master Mentor to review the day and seek clarification on facilitation techniques.

Who Should Attend

The FELI Practicum is required for instructors who would like to facilitate a FELI.



The orientation lasts for several hours and is usually held the night before the FELI begins. The FELI Practicum is 5 days in duration (in accordance with the length of the FELI). Both must be attended in person. To participate in the FELI Practicum, you must receive an invitation from ACE.