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Links for Student Surveys and Assessments

  1. ACE Intake Application
  2. Pre-ACE Survey: College Student Self-Assessment
  3. After the Foundation Course: Post-Foundation Self-Assessment 
             see also 01952 End of Foundation Course Survey 
  4. After the Bridge Term: End of Bridge Term Survey (EBT)
              12345 End of Bridge Term Survey exercise
  5. ACE Student Exit Report for students who leave their ACE courses before completing the semester

Access to ACE Curriculum in

Curriculum Version Info for ACE Signature Courses

The Latest Version of Curriculum for any ACE course – in – includes ALL updates for the course.

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*Please destroy all versions of the TSM Instructor Disc earlier than 20110201, and delete all "Learning to Learn" related files from your computer.

  • Version is a complete scheduled release of the curriculum for a course, i.e. an Instructor Disc with a date. For example: FELI Instructor Disc-20130101.1. ACE includes an instructor disc with each new Instructor Kit we ship.
  • An Update is a release of an interim file or files - to support changes required for a specific Version of curriculum for a course, when needed.


Videos are available for ACE Partner College Faculty who teach in ACE Cohorts.

Faculty Support

Contact Christopher Shockey: christopher (at)