Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)


The ACE Executive Leadership Institute offers two sequential workshops for college presidents and high-level administrators. These workshops guide the leadership team at your college to assess and evaluate the implementation of a specific project of your choosing. ACE presents tools and techniques for assessing and improving the quality of relationships at all levels of the college. Through project analysis, professionals begin to understand the cultural changes they need to implement to improve the outcomes for college stakeholders: the leadership team, administrators and staff, and the students at the college.

The two 2.5 day workshops are most effective when held within 6 months of each other.

Workshop 1: Improving the Quality of Relationships for Successful Culture Change

The capacity for change is built or destroyed based on the quality of relationships. Participants in this workshop will explore and practice concepts and practical techniques for effective communication, and will assess the quality of relationships as they relate to the implementation of a common project. Attendees will develop a series of strategies for improving the quality of relationships, and for building the conditions necessary for effective implementation of projects.

This foundation for culture change will prepare participants for the next workshop, which focuses on ways to build the capacity of the college’s project implementation team through a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges of their team’s working styles.

Workshop 2: Enhancing the Capacity for Change – The Strengths and Challenges of Different Working Styles 

In the Enhancing the Capacity for Change Workshop participants explore the strengths of each leader’s working styles, learning to appreciate and work effectively with the challenges of different styles, to build the leadership team’s skills for effective collaboration and implementation. Attendees review the strategies and processes that they developed during the Improving the Quality of Relationships Workshop, glean insights gained during the interim period after that workshop, and identify what can be learned from the experiences. Participants will acquire skills for building a more cohesive staff by enhancing personal relationships and trust. 

We will assess and explore ways that the executive leadership team can support the implementation of a key initiative. One of the outcomes of the workshop will be the development of a multi-level professional development plan for supporting the change in culture of your college. 

Who Should Attend

These two professional development workshops are designed for college presidents and high-level administrators.


These workshops are offered upon request by a college.

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