Community of Practice (CoP)


The Community of Practice (CoP) is an opportunity for the ACE community to come together to exchange ideas and learn from one another. It is a day when ACE instructors and implementers can share their innovations around every aspect of the program; from recruiting students, to teaching, or institutionalizing ACE at a college. The goal is to not only build community and share knowledge, but also to capture great ideas to further strengthen this program and better help our students.


Who Should Attend

The CoP is open to anyone interested in ACE.



The agenda for each CoP is unique, and is revealed in the event announcement.



The CoP is a day-long event and is held at least twice annually, in Spring & Fall. See the Upcoming Events page to find out when the next CoP is being held.


Event Resources

  • Rose Asera's Becoming an ACE Teacher (full report pdf)
  • Slide Show from Fall 2012 Community of Practice
  • Video from Fall 2012 CoP of IScS: Lighting the Fire for STEM
  • Read Reflections from the Bay Area Spring 2011 Community of Practice!