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Five-day Experiential Learning Institute

Your college may purchase individual tickets to send participants to any of the FELIs listed below.  The standard rate is $1800/person, or $360 per day.  All FELIs offer an Early Bird discount of 15%, or $1530/person, if registrations are made and payment arranged by the Early Bird Date for the event.  We recommend that a group of faculty and administrators from your college attend a FELI together to obtain the maximum benefit for your school. So we also offer a group rate of $1495/person or $299 per day for groups of five or more participants from your college who register and arrange payment by the group rate date.

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Dates Area College Early Bird Group Date Registration
June 1st-5th, 2015 Berkeley CA Berkeley City College 4/24/2015 5/1/2015 Registration Form

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Completed Events – Recorded Webinars


Affective Precursors to Academic Performance

This webinar will explore the role of affective or non-cognitive learning in meeting the needs of basic skills students and why it is an important precursor to academic performance. Evidence of academic and affective outcomes will be presented from multiple colleges. Webinar viewers will understand how affective learning is important to meeting the needs of today’s basic skills students, and will be clear about next steps for bringing this innovation to their campuses. Recording coming soon.

Affective Domain Webinar Series

In this webinar series, Diego Navarro, full-time faculty member at Cabrillo College and founder of the Academy for College Excellence, discussed:

  • Evidence that shows the importance of the affective domain in helping community college basic skills students become academically successful
  • Teaching to the affective domain
  • Rethinking Orientation to Community College

This series built on Diego’s presentation on measuring the affective domain at the Strengthening Student Success Conference in Costa Mesa, California October 4, 2012.


Change Article Webinar

Supporting the Students of the Future: Retention of Vulnerable & Tentative Students


FELI Graduate Workshop: Integrating the FELI Experience

Format: Webinar recording click here!

Audience: FELI Graduates who Teach at Community Colleges

If you are an ACE FELI Graduate who teaches at a community college, contact ACE for information about the FELI Graduate Guidebook curriculum@my-ace.org.