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No webinars currently scheduled. Please check back with us soon. In the meantime, please see our recorded webinars below. 



Student Engagement and Support (Re)defined: Tapping the Power of the Affective Domain

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Michigan Center for Student Success and the ACE Center to explore the opportunity of a Michigan-wide adoption of the ACE model. (02/28/14)

Affective Domain Series

In this FREE webinar series, Diego Navarro, full-time faculty member at Cabrillo College and founder of the Academy for College Excellence, discusses:

  1. Evidence that shows the importance of the affective domain in helping community college basic skills students become academically successful
  2. Teaching to the affective domain
  3. Rethinking Orientation to Community College


Webinar 1 – Affective Domain: Precursors to Academic Performance

    Part A: Why Affective Learning is Important & How to Measure Affective Precursors (11/20/12)
    Part B: Who Benefits from Affective Learning? (12/7/12)

In this two-part webinar from the ACE Affective Domain Series, ACE founder Diego Navarro discusses the role of the affective or non-cognitive domain in meeting the needs of developmental education students in higher education and why it is an important precursor to academic performance. Diego will discuss ACE's measurement approach and the evidence collected over two years from six colleges.

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Webinar 2 – Teaching to the Affective Domain  (12/7/2012)

In the second webinar from the ACE Affective Domain Series, ACE founder Diego Navarro talked about teaching to the affective domain and what you can do in the classroom to meet the needs of your students. Diego also outlined the professional development workshops and curriculum ACE has developed that prepares community college faculty to meet the affective, non-cognitive needs of community college students.


Webinar 3 – Rethinking Orientation to the Community College (2/1/13)

In this webinar from the ACE Affective Domain Series, ACE founder Diego Navarro discusses the need for an intensive introduction to community college that shifts the students’ mindsets and behaviors toward improved academic performance.  He discusses curriculum that addresses and evidence that shows shifts in student’s affective factors.

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Webinar 4 – Supporting the Students of the Future: Retention of Vulnerable & Tentative Students (3/23/12)

In this webinar, ACE Founder Diego Navarro delves deeper into the concepts he presented in his Change magazine article “Supporting the Students of the Future”  and engages participants in an interactive discussion.

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