Webinar 2: Teaching to the Affective Domain


In this webinar ACE founder Diego Navarro talks about teaching to the affective domain and what you can do in the classroom to meet the needs of your students. Diego also outlines the professional development workshops and curriculum ACE has developed that prepares community college faculty to meet the affective / non-cognitive needs of community college students.


Session topics include:

  • How to teach to the affective domain?

  • What can be done in the classroom to meet the needs of our students?

  • Professional development opportunities that help faculty address the affective needs of our students.



Pre-session Preparation

There is no required preparation for this webinar, however we encourage you to view the first webinar in this series Affective Domain: Precursors to Academic Performance. Additionally, you can view this audio/slide presentation given by Diego Navarro at the Strengthening Student Success Conference to further familiarize yourself with the importance of measuring the affective dimension of developmental education students.