Webinar 3: Rethinking Orientation to the Community College


In this webinar, recorded on February 1st, 2013, ACE founder Diego Navarro discusses the need for an intensive introduction to community college that shifts the students’ mindsets and behaviors towards improved academic performance. He discusses curriculum that addresses and evidence that shows shifts in student’s affective factors.


Session topics include:

  • How can we rethink orientation to the community college to address the affective needs of our students?

  • What can colleges do to ensure student success in the first two weeks of school?

  • What are the curricular and professional development opportunities that will help faculty address the needs of developmental education students in their first two weeks of the semester?

Preparation for this Webinar Recording

No preparation is required before viewing this webinar. We do encourage you to view the first and second webinars in this series: Affective Domain: Precursors to Academic Performance; andTeaching to the Affective Domain (video coming soon). Additionally, you can view the audio/slide presentation given by Diego Navarro at the Strengthening Student Success Conference to further familiarize yourself with the importance of measuring the affective dimension of developmental education students.