Mentoring Program

ACE Faculty Cohort


Faculty Cohort Mentoring sessions provide structured support for ACE Faculty. The sessions are typically led by experienced ACE Faculty Cohort Lead, Victoria Bañales. Some of the sessions will include a presentation of some recommended Behavior System tools. Faculty Cohort Mentoring is available to all instructors teaching in an ACE Cohort.

We will offer teleconference/web-based sessions in which instructors can attend on a "drop-in basis" to accommodate busy schedules. Registration is not required.


Who Should Attend

These sessions are strongly encouraged for all first-time ACE Faculty. Experienced faculty are also welcome, and are likely to find the sessions beneficial.   

Past participants found the Faculty Cohort (FC) Mentoring Sessions incredibly useful, not only in terms of gaining key information regarding the ACE program model and what to expect during the bridge semester, but also in terms of getting valuable 1:1 support when complex problems or student issues arose in cohorts.

Some of the benefits and tools participants will gain from the FC Mentoring Sessions are:

  • anticipating and understanding the rhythms of the bridge semester
  • being alerted to important activities, deadlines
  • support in dealing with and resolving student behavioral issues--including disruptive behaviors, attendance/tardy problems, lack of motivation, and more
  • accessing the ACE toolkit (which includes lessons on the Cycle of Value vs. Waste, Communication Ladder, Bio-reaction, and more) to effectively communicate with the students and co-faculty members
  • getting 1:1 weekly support for situational issues or problems that may arise



Please note that the first half of each weekly session will be devoted to delivering key ACE program information, updates, deadlines, tools, and more. The second half will be reserved for 1:1 support for problem solving and dealing with specific issues that may arise in individual cohorts.


Feedback from a Recent Attendee

"The experience that moved me the most was the wisdom I heard from my team leader when we discussed our mutual students. Her perspective was different and complimentary to my approaches, and I learned much from her about developmental students and their private challenges."



Behavior System Integration Workshop


Faculty Cohort Toolkit

Accessible to Partner College Faculty teaching in ACE Cohorts Here!