Mentoring Program

Social Justice Research Course (SJRC)


These mentoring sessions provide structured support for instructors who are delivering the Social Justice Research Course (SJRC). In the sessions, an SJRC Master Mentor shares prior teaching experiences with the group and creates a forum for participants to share best practices with one another.

To encourage the development of collaborative working relationships between instructors, a cohort model is used in which participants commit to a particular meeting time with the same group for the entire semester.


Who Should Attend

ACE provides these mentoring sessions for instructors who have a SJRC Instructor Kit. These sessions are required for any SJRC instructor who wishes to pursue eventual ACE certification.  Experienced SJRC instructors are also welcome.

Any instructor who has taught SJRC in the past who cannot commit to the entire series may attend on a drop-in basis. All drop-in attendees need to register in order to receive meeting information and because session attendance is relevant to certification.



A typical session agenda includes:

  • Discussion of the previous two weeks & what faculty learned about the curriculum and working with ACE students
  • Discussion of the curriculum exercises to be covered in the coming two weeks
  • Responses to questions raised by participants before or during the meeting
  • Reports from participants of good practices or ideas related to the course
  • Improvements that faculty are making to the curriculum



Behavior System Integration Workshop
SJRC Instructor Workshop



These mentoring sessions are held regularly through a given academic term. The ACE Coordinator at your college typically invites those who are teaching SJRC in ACE.

Schedule & Call-in Information will be listed here when the mentoring sessions are active.


SJRC Mentoring Toolkit

Accessible to Partner College Faculty teaching in ACE Cohorts Here!