ACE Student Stories


ACE puts a special emphasis on developing leadership qualities in students.  In fact, substantial parts of the curriculum came from corporate leadership training.  Students who have graduated from ACE cohorts are participating in clubs, engaging in community service activities, and emerging as leaders on campus. We invite our ACE partner colleges to send us stories and photos of ACE alumni who are using these leadership qualities for good works at your college and in your local communities.



Medina-Huezo 16.jpg

Andres Medina-Huezo

“I saw I was worthwhile and I could do something for myself and family… I didn’t know that I had that. [ACE] gave me the opportunity for me to grow personally and learn what I’m good at… I’m learning how to be a strong leader.”  Read more...

Naranjo 10.jpg

Martha Naranjo

“I don’t know why or how but in that short period of time I felt like staying in school. I actually felt like I was someone… My mom said, ‘I see something different in you.’”  Read more...

Anaya 14.jpg

Carlos Anaya

“It’s like a family. When I finished with the program, I was more prepared to go on. I wasn’t as scared.”  Read more...

Allison 13.jpg
Philotheos Allison

“I thought, ‘I could use this… I need to readjust and reincorporate myself into college.’”  Read more...

LamaTenzinJune09 5.jpg
Tenzin Lama

“People say the first week in ACE is intense but the first weeks in the monastery are much more intense…”  Read more...

Andrew Martinez 

“I had to create my own future and way here. It’s a tough thing to do in the States because there are so many traps for a young guy.”  Read more...