Communication Workshop for Professional Development (PD 1)


Learn new skills & build stronger relationships together with your work group through a blend of short lectures, experiential learning, real-time application & fun exercises.

Workshop objectives include:

  • Developing greater leadership skills
  • Enhancing personal relationships & trust
  • Building communication skills for effective collaboration

Participants develop key professional skills and ways to collaborate effectively, employing concepts used by top-level executives, managers and supervisors to improve the quality of their relationships and better meet the needs of those served by their organizations. 

Attendees identify processes and strategies for improving the quality of relationships and the work environment. After identifying practical ideas for improving the relationships in their groups, participants seek and obtain useful feedback. Each group harvests practical processes and strategies to implement, and then reports their planned actions and next steps. 

The Strengths & Styles Workshop (PD 2) builds on this workshop. The Communication Workshop and Strengths and Styles Workshop are most effective when held within 6 months of each other.


Who Should Attend

This professional development workshop is designed for intact work teams of Student Services staff and administrators, as well as for those who work in one or two-person offices and have regular contact with students.



This two-day workshop is offered upon request by a college. Contact ACE for details.