ACE Experiential Learning Institute (FELI)

The ACE Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) is five-day professional development experience designed for community college faculty, staff, and administrators.  The FELI is an experiential workshop involving more than fifty exercises and activities.  Each FELI group is capped at 25 participants to ensure time for each participant to be heard. Read more...

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ACE Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)

The ACE Executive Leadership Institute offers two sequential workshops for college presidents and high-level administrators. These workshops guide the leadership team at your college to assess and evaluate the implementation of a specific project of your choosing. ACE presents tools and techniques for assessing and improving the quality of relationships at all levels of the college. Through project analysis, professionals begin to understand the cultural changes they need to implement to improve the outcomes for college stakeholders: the leadership team, administrators and staff, and the students at the college. 

The two 2.5 day workshops are most effective when held within 6 months of each other. Read more..