Professional Development Events


ACE offers a number of opportunities for growth for community college faculty, staff and administrators.



  • Experiential Learning Institute (FELI)
    The FELI is a 5-day institute that draws on core ACE curriculum around communication, working styles and leadership techniques. Participants have the opportunity to learn new skills, renew themselves professionally and get a taste of ACE. The FELI is also the entry point for anyone interested in becoming an ACE instructor.

  • Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)
    The Executive Leadership workshop series is designed for college presidents and high-level administrators. The workshops will focus on helping the leadership team assess and evaluate the implementation of a project and through this analysis begin to understand the cultural changes necessary to successfully improve the performance of the leadership team and the college.  
  • EL 1: Quality of Relationships Role in Implementing Successful Culture Change – In this workshop, attendees will assess the quality of relationships as they relate to the implementation of a common project.  
  • EL 2: Implementing the Capacity for Change – The Strengths and Challenges of Working with Different Working Styles



  • Communication Workshop (PD 1)
    This workshop is a two-day intensive focused on teaching work teams effective techniques to improve their communication.
  • Strengths & Styles Workshop (PD 2)
    This workshop is a two-day intensive that allows members of a work team to discover their working styles with the goal of improving team outcomes and morale.


Community of Practice (CoP)

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a day-long gathering that provides the ACE community a place to connect and exchange ideas. Participation is a great way to contribute to the program as well as stay abreast of the latest innovations.