Professional Skills You Need to Get Ahead


The ACE program teaches you skills that stay with you for life — and that help you take care of yourself and your family. You learn ways to manage your time better and how to work in teams and become a leader, the kind of skills they teach managers in today’s leading companies. And every step of the way, you have the support of your teachers and fellow students who share many of your same goals and challenges. For added support — and to help you with your studies — ACE connects you with mentors (former students), who have completed the program successfully and are available to help you.  

  • Self-Knowledge – Everyone has past experiences that have been painful. Ignoring those challenges keeps you from being able to move ahead. Here you explore those challenges and transform them into the willpower to change your life for the better.
  • Self-Confidence – When you know what your strengths and talents are, they become part of your personal toolbox—to pull out and use when you need them. We help you identify your strengths and gifts. Also, knowing your weaknesses means you know how and when to get help. Knowing both means you know when to lead and when to follow—qualities in high demand by every employer.
  • Leadership – Discover your leadership abilities. You create and develop high- performance teams by learning to evaluate classmate's strengths and determine the “right” responsibilities so they accomplish what is best for the team—essential skills for any leader.
  • Communication Skills – Write and speak competently so you communicate more effectively and are more comfortable speaking in public. Employers promote people who solve problems with powerful discussion instead of loud arguments.
  • Project Management – Learn to break projects down to manageable tasks, juggle priorities, effectively lead and participate in teams. Project managers are in high demand in every industry and are paid extremely well for these abilities. Besides, these skills help you get through college faster.
  • Time Management – Stop wasting time on distractions that don’t lead to your life, education and career goals. These skills also make you a very desirable employee.
  • Support Services – Find out how to access the services you’ll need to succeed as a student (including financial aid, tutoring, childcare, counseling, stipends and more).