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Addressing Student Equity: Measuring Affective Strengths to Support Student Success

Strengthening Student Success Conference

Strand: Capitalizing on Affective Strengths

room: Junior ballroom 1-2

Interest in non-cognitive skill building in higher education is growing. but what academic impact is this attention having on students, especially those who are underprepared for college? is there a lasting and long-term effect on student success by changing the trajectory of student’s non-cognitive skills? is there
a causal link? in this workshop we will explore these questions, focusing on research being conducted at multiple colleges assessing the predictive power of non-cognitive measures coupled with other measures, such as students’ high school transcripts and working styles. we will also discuss the incorporation of non- cognitive factors in the state-level discussions around multiple measures.

Stephen Blohm, Natalia Cordoba-Velasquez, Diego Navarro, and Terrence Willett, Cabrillo College; Craig Hayward, Irvine Valley College