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The Impact of a Social Justice Pedagogy: Accelerating Basic Skills Students in Both English and Math in One Semester

Strengthening Student Success Conference

Strand: civic engagement and Social Justice

room: occ 204

For students who have experienced trauma in their lives, whether in an educational or familial setting, social justice pedagogy (SJP) can increase their chances of academic success. a model of education utilized in the academy for college excellence (ace), SJP incorporates social justice survey research with accelerated academics to bring basic skills students to college-level success in one semester. in this interactive breakout, participants will learn about SJP and how to apply it in their classrooms. in ace, students come to recognize their life experiences as part of a larger historical context and begin to understand how issues in their lives are often the result of systemic injustices. in order to change the status quo, students become motivated to make a difference through the acquisition and creation of knowledge.

Diego Navarro and Sadie Reynolds, Cabrillo College; Tue Rust, Los Medanos College