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ACE is helping community colleges become adaptive institutions and better serve our evolving communities. Community colleges are rooted in their communities, and must adapt to local needs. As our communities change, community colleges are called to new approaches that better serve the new populations of students coming through the doors.

Each of our local communities has its own profile – the student mix attending our community colleges now is of course affected by the community where the college is located. ACE is helping community colleges better understand their unique student population, student vulnerabilities, and the best ways to adapt – academically and culturally – to serve student needs.

ACE offers community colleges the tools to adapt and better serve their unique student populations – not just academically but also affectively. ACE is assisting community colleges to become more adaptive to their changing student populations by recognizing, building and strengthening the connections– personal, academic, emotional and cultural – that support success for vulnerable students. By demonstrating success with our most challenging students, ACE is sustaining community colleges in their role as engines of progress and prosperity in our communities.