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Our approach to comprehensive student support is fundamentally different from other programs because it comes not through the provision of specific services to students but rather through:

  1. coherent educational activities in which students engage,
  2. the Behavior System that reinforces norms for success,
  3. the deep sense of community formed between cohort participants, and
  4. the integration with rigorous academic coursework.

Our model recognizes that all students can benefit from experiencing a stronger foundation for success so we have adapted its methodology to serve a range of learners found at community colleges.  Colleges can choose the ACE program variations that best fit their unique completion goals and specific target populations.

While key components of each program variation can vary by its target population, all approaches have the same common interests:

  1. helping students learn 21st century skills,
  2. developing their affective domain,
  3. drawing on learners' experiences and interests as a catalyst for learning, and
  4. building community among participants.

Program Variations


Affective Timeslicing


All Students


Exercises from FELI Graduate Guidebook incorporated into current courses



Affective Orientation

College Prepared Students

Orient to professional skills, behavior, mindsets and college culture: Nursing, General Ed. Req.

Foundations of Leadership Course (FC) | Students attend regular college courses and programs.

Affective Summer Bridge

Transitioning Students

Provide rich academic and community-building experience, leveraging student's exposure to social injustice.

FC + Team Self-Management (TSM) + Social Justice Research Course (SJRC) 

Affective Support CTE

Career and Technical Education Students

Medical Assisting, Green Jobs, Sustainable Construction, Respiratory Care, etc.

FC + TSM + CTE courses

Affective Booster LC

Learning Communities

Provide 24/7 peer-support in a hyper-bonded community.

FC + TSM + Linked courses

Accelerated Academic Learning

Developmental Education / STEM Students

Accelerated English and math, and Integrated Science using a project-based course around which to integrate curriculum.

FC + TSM + Project-based course to integration curriculum