Presentations & Conferences




  • RP Group for California Community Colleges published Rethinking Entry to College by Rose Asera and Diego Navarro in their January 2013 Newsletter.

  •  A.C.E.American Council on Education in Washington, DC  Presentation Topic"They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: Partnerships and Initiatives that Foster Academic Success for Minority Males"  March 5, 2013

  • DeAnza College Partners in Learning Conference Keynote Address by Diego Navarro

  • WASC Western Association of Schools & Conferences & Colleges Workshop: "Increasing Student Success, Support and Retention through Instruction: Introducing an Intrinsic, Curriculum-Based Model of Student Engagement" by Diego Navarro

  • AACCAmerican Association of Community Colleges in San Francisco, CA "Role of the Community College in the Age of MOOCs: Is a New Approach to Developmental Education Our Competitive Advantage?" Monday April 22, 2013


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