Los Medanos College (LMC)

Where: Pittsburg, CA

ACE Partner Since: 2010

College Website:  www.losmedanos.edu

College’s ACE Webpage:  www.losmedanos.edu/ACE

Los Medanos College (LMC) launched its first ACE cohorts in the Fall 2010 semester.

ACE students at Los Medanos College (LMC) accelerate through all of their pre-transfer level math and English requirements in one semester. This "holy grail" of community colleges features our first-in-the-country, open-access math class that has no prerequisites and prepares students for statistics in just one semester. The LMC Reading/Writing/Critical Thinking class has a very low Accuplacer minimum score of 72 and the majority of students assess into this level or higher.

Thus, ACE at LMC offers almost every incoming LMC student a chance to complete ALL of their math and English transfer requirements in one year. Emerging data (small sample size) suggests that ACE students compared with non-accelerated, non-ACE students:

  1. Complete one year of math and English at 4-5 times the rate of non-accelerated, non-ACE students
  2. In one year, complete all of their math and English requirements at 10 times the rate of non-accelerated, non-ACE students
  3. Persist for three semesters at LMC at a 20% higher rate compared to non-accelerated, non-ACE students

ACE Coordinator
Tue Rust
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
(925) 439-2181 x3474

ACE Faculty
Tue Rust
Sara Toruno-Conley