Hartnell College

Where: Salinas, CA

ACE Partner Since: 2008

College Website:  www.hartnell.edu

ACE at Hartnell College Website:  www.hartnell.edu/ace

Hartnell College began with one ACE cohort in the fall of 2008 and rapidly expanded to seven cohorts by spring 2010, with another seven planned for fall 2010.  Some of the cohorts attempt to accelerate students through the English developmental sequence, while others leverage ACE curriculum to enhance Career Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Over 600 students have participated in the Hartnell College Academy for College Excellence program, as of Spring 2012.

ACE Coordinator
Hermelinda Rocha-Tabera
Instructor, Social & Behavioral Sciences Department
(831) 755-6750

ACE Faculty
Sunita Lanka