Foundation Course Videos

Videos of Diego Navarro Teaching Foundation Course to Students

Diego motivates students to pay attention to ways they can be successful for the full ACE Semester

ACE Behavior Tips: Turning in Homework

01110 WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

01120 Introductions: It's Your Choice

01171 Review of the Day

01211 Reflection Master 1

01230 What Schools and Learning Should Be

01250 Sharing School Experiences

01250 Sharing School Experiences

01320 EIF Vignettes

01360 Hero's Journey

01370 Determinging Your Learning Styles II

01375 Spider Diagrams Individual

01420 Mi Familia Video Discussion

01430 Same Style Teams

01450 Success Satisfaction Cycle

01502 Journaling for Emotions

01520 Laws of Conversation

01530 Listening Dos and Don'ts

01540 Cycle of Value and Waste

01550 Ladder of Listening

01560 Conversation Meter

01570 Pretense

01580 Sincerity

01630 Authenticity vs Intersections

01680 Emotional Intelligence

01691 Moving into the Cycle of Value

01696 Accuracy and Authenticity Pre-Homework

01831 Conflict Resolution Practice

01860 Learning Strategies

01870 How Do You Prepare For School

01880 Learning Tips for Different Styles

01920 EIF Class Roster

01940 Museum

02120 Communication Choices

02140 Accuracy

02150 Observations vs. Judgments

02155 Observations vs Evaluations

10435 Story Example using Inquiry Model