Experiential Learning Workshop

The Experiential Learning Workshop offers a two-day taste of fun and experiential exercises that enhance effective communication for college staff and administrators. The workshop employs concepts used by corporate management programs, offering an opportunity for members of the college community to experience the same approach used in the ACE Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) for faculty and administrators, and in the ACE Foundation Course (FC) for students. 

Experiential Learning Workshop participants learn a lot about each other, and gain a deeper understanding of concepts that faculty learn in a FELI and that students experience while attending the ACE semester long program. Graduates of this workshop will be better equipped to make informed decisions about which ACE model(s) will best support successful retention and completion for students at your college.


Who Should Attend

This professional development workshop is open to community college staff and administrators who want to learn more about ACE and have an opportunity to taste the ACE experiential environment.



This workshop is offered upon request by a college.