Could one semester change your life?


Not getting the results you want in your classes? Looking to improve your grades? The Academy for College Excellence (ACE) will help you discover how you learn best & teach you valuable study skills.


Find your direction

Feeling a little lost? Unsure of what classes to take? ACE will help you map out your path using academic and career planning.


Become an effective person

Frequently late? Can’t ever find your homework? ACE will teach you how to stay organized and be on time. Find out how to break down big projects into manageable pieces. Learn to deal with stress.


Make yourself stand out in the job market

After one semester in ACE, you’ll have increased confidence and better communication skills. You’ll also know how to use common computer programs and make effective presentations.


Become a leader

ACE students are taught leadership techniques usually reserved for the top executives of Fortune 500 companies. You’ll learn how to build and manage a team and keep projects on track. ACE will help you see that you have the ability to make a difference in your community.


You have a better chance at success with ACE

Studies have shown that ACE students have a much higher chance of finishing community college and transferring. Spending one semester in ACE is an investment in your success.