Adding to the Evidence

Last year RTI International released a multi-year study of our ACE program at seven partner colleges across the nation. It has both quantitative and qualitative components analyzing student academic outcomes and changes to their affective behavior. While all seven colleges were included in the non-cognitive behavioral change component only four were able to arrange the data exchanges in time for inclusion. While majority is good I've always wondered about the other programs. Well this week I received independently reports from two of these missing colleges, Delaware County Community College and Broward College. These report were conducted by their internal research teams and they are very encouraging. In this post I want to focus on one of those colleges and next week we will take a look at the other.

Broward College's Summer Leadership Institute was created one semester, from signed agreement to Broward faculty launching 10 cohorts of students their first summer session. They went big early to reach a goal of at least 3.000 students served per year, a number that would place the program beyond boutique.

Their study measured completion by term and retention, term-to-term, for both this initial group of cohorts in the summer 2012 and the following summer's cohorts. They wanted to see if students enrolled in their summer program in 2013 stayed enrolled at Broward College and continued their education through their first year and how the first cohort was performing in their second year. 

What they found is that they had surpassed all of their ambitious goals for retention and success term-to-term. Both years' cohorts were completing their summer, fall and winter terms at 96% or above. 

BCAE Cohort 1

Summer 2012 students in their second year

BCAE Cohort 2

Summer 2013 Students in their First Year

As of this writing Broward's fourth summer cohort is progressing through their 6 credits in 6 weeks and everyone expects to see continued success in terms of completion and retention. If you are interested in learning more about the Broward College program just leave a comment or leave us a message.

Enjoy the summer.